About Us

Graphic Design is all around us from when you wake up to when you go to bed. Its purpose is to visually appeal to you as a consumer to get across a message. The message can be as simple as a logo or be as complex as the landscape in a video game. Think about the logo scenario...lets use McDonald’s as our example here. By just imagining their logo you automatically think of their product. They don’t have to dream up a marketing strategy to get you to opt-in to their product, their logo alone has already achieved this.

Now let’s look at a more complex message. Old Spice has created countless ads, commercials and media to transcend its brand and make the consumer associate masculinity with Old Spice. “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” campaign features masculine men with muscular bodies going through a series of tasks a “Man” does. It is clear that the target for Old Spice is to associate masculinity with Old Spice deodorant and fragrances.

Our job, as Graphic Designers, is to create that stimulation and affiliation with whatever it is we do. If we are creating a logo, brochure or business card, our job is to make it speak to their target consumer with whatever message they want to convey. To accomplish this, we work directly with the customer and research, sketch, design, propose, refine and execute the project.

With a background in newspaper ad-design and special event promotions, over 10 years of experience has given us a wide-variety of items in our portfolio from wedding invitations to custom logos to store signage. Our focus is to provide clean and professional designs that speak to your vision and message.

A DJ once told me that “in the music industry everyone has access to the same music. The difference between those who are successful and those who are not are the ones who cater to their crowd”. We can apply that analogy to Graphic Design whereby the music is the software and the crowd is the customer. Every customer is unique along with their request and we treat each task that way.